Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on today’s ruling by the New York Court of Appeals that New York State law does not allow gay marriage:

“Those who believe in judicial restraint will welcome today’s ruling; those who prefer a judicial system where judges impose their ideological predilections on the public will not be happy.  Those who believe in the institution of marriage as it has been understood for thousands of years—in both eastern and western civilizations—will also welcome today’s ruling; those who seek to grant alternative lifestyles an equal place alongside monogamous, heterosexual marriage will not be happy.  But someone had to lose, and it is only just that the sexual engineers lost.

“On the day of the last presidential election, 11 states had the question of gay marriage on the ballot.  The result was 11-0 against it.  Even the voters in Oregon—home to many so-called progressives—voted the measure down.  Just as women voted overwhelmingly against the Equal Rights Amendment in liberal states like New York and New Jersey in the 1970s, today’s liberals are rejecting same-sex marriage: in a Daily News poll in 2004, residents of New York City voted 47-40 against gay marriage.  Now if gay rights advocates can’t win in New York City, they certainly are not going to win in the rest of New York State.

“The idea of two men marrying is so bizarre and so anti-marriage that it is a great tribute to the American people that they continue to respect the right of gays to participate in American life without harassment while simultaneously rejecting the extremist gay agenda.  It shows that the public is capable of making critical distinctions, something that many gay activists have yet to learn.”

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