Andy Humm, a well-known gay activist in New York, has voiced his pleasure at the Tom of the Finland Foundation award-winning entry for 1996. The “art” that Humm likes showed a picture of a priest performing fellatio on Jesus Christ.

Humm made the following comment in reply to Dr. Donohue’s mention of this offense in the Tablet, the newspaper of the Diocese of Brooklyn: “I can just hear the little altar boys and girls who read the Tablet asking their catechism teachers, `What’s fellatio’? or looking it up in their Funk & Wagnall’s. Considering how little sex education they do in Catholic schools, Donohue may have performed a valuable service. I’d never have known about this drawing otherwise.”

This just goes to show that Humm is not unequivocally opposed to bashing groups in society; he only objects when gays are bashed. It also shows that his hatred for Catholicism is so deep that there is no attack on the Church that he would regard as being beyond the pale. For Humm, the word sacrilegious has not meaning whatsoever, not, at least, when applied to Catholicism.

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