emptyNicholas Coppola presented petitions to the Diocese of Rockville Centre today in an effort to be reinstated at St. Anthony’s in Oceanside, New York. He was dismissed after it was learned that he “married” his boyfriend.

Commenting on today’s event is Bill Donohue:

Looks like the media were snookered. Had they shown an ounce of curiosity, they would have asked Coppola to see what was in the three boxes that allegedly contained evidence of those who signed the petition. Two of the boxes were empty; the contents of the other box was so small it could easily have fit into a large envelope.

Nicholas Coppola says he amassed over 18,000 signatures. Considering that he and his homosexual allies intentionally deceived the media, his credibility is shot.

Moreover, no one is stopping Coppola from joining a religion that accepts his view of marriage. If he respected diversity, he would practice it by finding a new home. Instead, he seeks to impose his agenda on the rest of us, thus showing nothing but contempt for the rights of Catholics.

It’s too bad Catholics on Long Island did not get a chance to see what was in the three boxes. It would have been a great optic.

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