News reports indicate that efforts are underway to stage Terrence McNally’s play, “Corpus Christi.” The Manhattan Theatre Club has already cancelled its plans to produce the play. However, it now appears that other production companies are interested in staging this play.

Commenting on this latest development is Catholic League president William Donohue:

“The Manhattan Theatre Club did the right thing in cancelling ‘Corpus Christi.’ In the event that this play is picked up by some other production company, the Catholic League will do everything it can to challenge its moral right to offend Christians.

“There is something terribly perverse going on in the artistic community. The need to offend Catholics is so deep and so sick that it can only be described as pathological. No one has any moral right to flagrantly offend the sensibilities of any segment of American society. What is perhaps most disturbing about this campaign to attack Catholics is the cowardly attempt to hide this bigotry under the covers of artistic expression.

“Over the past week the Catholic League has been the target of a barrage of viciously anti-Catholic threats and remarks. But we will not be deterred in our work of defending the Church from defamation. The spin doctors are trying desperately to paint the Catholic League as the enemy of free speech, when in fact all the Catholic League is doing is exercising its First Amendment right to protest the indefensible.”

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