Five years ago the Catholic League protested the desecration of a Communion Host by P.Z. Myers, an anti-Catholic atheist professor. In early October, Bill Donohue  decided not to protest the antics of Kuma’s Corner, a Chicago restaurant, for serving a burger with a Communion wafer. The difference: Myers secured a consecrated Host and drove a nail through it; the sandwich shop played games with an unconsecrated wafer. While Kuma’s showed disrespect, what Myers did was despicable.

Soon after all of this occurred, Donohue  learned that the New Civil Rights Movement, a homosexual outfit that is ever so sensitive about gay issues, took utter delight in the burger spoof. The guys who worked there predicted that Donohue would be “stroking out.” Sorry to disappoint, boys. In fact, the only angst Donohue felt was toward people like them. They say that what Kuma’s Corner did risked the wrath of “every Christian born without a tolerance gene or a sense of humor.” Donohue will remember that the next time they complain about one of his gay quips.

By the way, tolerance is supposed to be a function of nurture, not nature. So what is it? A preference or an orientation? Please  advise as this is very confusing to a straight guy.

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