On April 4, National Public Radio (NPR) asked Bill Donohue what the league’s position was on gay adoption. These are his remarks:

“Every child who ever lived came into the world the product of a union between a man and a woman, and every child has a right to be raised by his or her father and mother. If this is not possible, and adoption is the logical alternative, then every effort should be made to place the child with a married couple. Cohabitating and heterosexual couples, same sex couples and single persons may be able to provide the prospective adopted child with love, but that is not sufficient. To be specific, cohabitating couples lack the permanence that most married couples provide, and society has a vested interest in providing children with a stable and patterned environment. Same sex couples, as well as single persons, lack the requisites provided by nature that would allow them to be a father and a mother, thus rendering them a poor substitute and inadequate role model for parenting. In short, society should socially ratify the cues provided by nature. Ergo, gay adoption is not a wise policy decision.”

The prime reason why gay activists will reject the league’s position has to do with our decision to acknowledge nature’s limits.

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