Bill Donohue comments on gays who exploited Ash Wednesday:

Gay activists can’t even commemorate Ash Wednesday without drawing attention to themselves. That is why many accessed ashes mixed with purple glitter yesterday; approximately 150 participating clergy in several cities across the country took part in “Glitter+Ash Wednesday.” A New York City homosexual outfit, Parity, promoted this stunt nationwide.

Liz Edman, a lesbian Episcopalian priest in New Jersey, started this  exploitative event last year. Reportedly, her goal was to “come out” as queer, though it is not clear who among her friends and followers thought she was heterosexual. It was her girlfriend who suggested the purple glitter idea.

The executive director of Parity is Marian Edmonds-Allen, allegedly a member of the clergy of some religion (the Washington Post did not say which one and I don’t have the time to find out). Speaking of her comrades, she said, “On the day, Ash Wednesday, when Christians are publicly Christian, we are going to be publicly queer.” The narcissism doesn’t get much deeper than this.

This just goes to show what a joke all this talk about inclusion is: gay activists intentionally draw attention to themselves to show how different they are. On that score, everyone can agree.

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