The Boston Globe took pleasure in running this cartoon by Szep in its April 14 issue.
For League response see Massachusetts Chapter president Dan Flatley’s letter below.

Catholic Church opposition to legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts has made the Church a target of opportnnity for the media of the commonwealth. The League’s Massachusetts Chapter has been countering these attacks whenever and wherever possible. Some samples:

Letter to the Boston Globe
Response to Szep cartoon reproduced above.

Paul Szep’s sordid history of Catholic-bashing has surfaced again with yet another mean-spirited attack on Cardinal Law [cartoon above].
Since the 1970s, Szep has displayed a relentless opportunism in savaging the Catholic Church and her leaders. In doing so he has helped to create the climate where the kind of anti-Catholic bigotry prevalent”in the 19th century has again become respectable in Boston.
Interestingly, Szep does not demonstrate a comparable zeal in ridiculing spiritual leaders of his own religious background, or of other denominations.
Cardinal Law’s position on gambling is long-established and well-known. The attempt to impute hypocrisy to the Cardinal speaks more¬†to Szep’s visceral hostility to Catholicism than it does to any alleged inconsistency by the Archbishop of Boston.

Daniel T. Flatley,
President, Mass. Chapter

Letter to The Patriot Ledger
Response to “Casino backers:
Clergy protecting their own games, Apri/12.

The insulting and bigoted remarks made by would-be casino owner Bartley Kelly about Cardinal Law and the state’s Catholic bishops are one more indication of the desperate¬†determination of the gaming industry to push aside anyone who would stand between them and the windfall profits they expect from the legalization of casino gambling.

It is hypocritical, though not surprising, that someone who would exploit human weakness for monetary gain would attribute financial motives to others. Kelly’s comment not only displayed disrespect for Cardinal Law and contempt for the sensibilities of Catholics, but demonstrated the futility of moral persuasion toward those whose only interest is money.

Daniel T. Flatley,
President, Mass. Chapter

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