Inge Auerbacher and Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride

This book tells the unforgettable stories of two young girls, one a Catholic from Poland, the other a Jew from Germany, who are caught in a web of terror during World War II.

Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride is a member of the Catholic League and is very active in Polish-Catholic issues.

Bill Donohue said of the book: “Most Holocaust survivors are no longer with us, and that is why this volume is so important. It is a moving testimony by two courageous women, one Catholic and one Jewish, about their youthful ordeals at the hands of the Nazis. They succeed in ways even the most astute historian cannot—they literally capture history and bring it to life. It is sure to touch all those who read it.”

It is available at for $12.95.


Father Gordon J. MacRae is no stranger to the members of the Catholic League, but his blog site may need some introduction. MacRae, who convincingly maintains his innocence for a crime he did not commit, writes from a prison in Concord, New Hampshire. His blog can be found at; pointedly, he subtitles his blog, “Musings from Prison of a Priest Falsely Accused.”

MacRae provides the reader with a wealth of information about Catholic issues, as well as material surrounding his ordeal. Bill Donohue continues to correspond with him and encourages league members to visit his site.


This two-volume encyclopedia, which covers more than 800 topics from over 300 contributors, is a “comprehensive introduction to the Catholic vision of society, social relations, and the human being.” These volumes appeal to individuals seeking a “clear and accurate introduction to Catholic social thought and a Catholic-informed social science and social policy.”

These invaluable reference volumes belong in every college and university library and in the home of every Catholic researcher.

Authors Stephen Krason and Joseph Varacalli serve on the Catholic League’s Board of Advisors. The encyclopedia is available at

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