The constitutionality of voting in churches will be put on trial this week in a federal court.  A Jewish attorney is challenging the practice as being a violation of separation of church and state.  In support of this position is Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  “Asking a feminist to vote in a Roman Catholic Church is like asking a black man to vote in a KKK hall,” said Gaylor.

This provoked Catholic League president William Donohue to comment as follows:

“Gaylor’s remarks are helpful because they clarify matters.  There can no longer be any doubt regarding her motives: it is not fidelity to the First Amendment that drives the Freedom From Religion Foundation, it’s bigotry.  And at the top of her list is Roman Catholicism.  Because the Catholic Church opposes child abuse in the womb, Gaylor sees fit to compare it to the Klan.  This is the way she thinks.

“It is theoretically possible to be an atheist and friendly toward Catholicism.  But it becomes more difficult when one is an activist in behalf of atheism.  It has certainly been my experience that such persons are almost always anti-Catholic bigots.  In any event, we at the Catholic League are grateful that Gaylor has come out of the closet.  We urge her ilk elsewhere to follow suit: honesty is the best policy.”

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