On the October 19 episode of Fox Broadcasting’s “Family Guy,” characters Brian (a dog) and Stewie (a baby) traveled back in time to rescue Mort Goldman (a Jewish friend) from the Nazi invasion of Poland. After Brian and Stewie disguise Mort as a priest to sneak him out of the country, a Nazi officer asks Mort, “Are you sure you’re a real priest?” Stewie replies, “Yeah, yeah, I can vouch for him, he’s real. He’s molested me many, many times.”

A couple of nights later, on October 21, FX (the Fox cable network) aired its show, “The Shield,” in which a Catholic priest was portrayed as someone who allowed gang members to deal drugs under his watch, taking a share of the profits for himself.

In another scene, the priest is accused of being a child molester. At this, the priest explodes, stating, “Just because some sick perverts decide to live out their fantasies through the collar doesn’t mean that every priest is a gay pedophile.” The confrontation continues and the priest admits to fathering a child with the gang leader’s sister.

It should be noted that the Fox News Channel has nothing to do with either one of these shows and actually criticized the “Family Guy” episode because it implied that the Nazis would have supported a McCain-Palin ticket.

Needless to say, there is something sick going on over at Fox. In October alone, the Fox program “Bones” mocked the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation;  “Family Guy” painted gay priests as molesters; “The Shield” introduced a morally corrupt priest, not to mention floated the stereotype of gay priests as pedophiles.

We called on Fox to end this bigotry before things heat up any more.

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