We heard about a foul play on a college campus, registered a protest, and got a pledge that it won’t appear again.

Some of our diligent members notified us that an anti-Catholic play, “Contagion of the Night,” was staged in April at St. Louis Community College and was scheduled for another performance in the fall. We got a hold of the script, found it offensive, notified school authorities of our concerns, and got a polite and professional response pledging that the play will not run again.

The play was advertised as “one nun’s crisis of faith and one antichrist’s journey of self-discovery.” We found it to be a blatant mockery of Catholicism and of nuns, in particular.

“Contagion of the Night” is a satire about the financial woes of a convent, the Sisters of Our Lady, set against the second coming of the Anti-Christ in 2000. In it, nuns are portrayed as greedy, insane and sexually repressed. Our Blessed Mother is held up for particular derision and mockery, and Christianity is trivialized as a contest between two “cosmic jokesters,” God and Satan.

We are delighted that when the Chancellor of St. Louis Community College, Dr. Vivian B. Blevins, heard our concerns, she immediately apologized and said that the play would not appear in the fall.

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