eec94b0080a64bad217878438b71b629Bill Donohue comments on those who are rejoicing over the resignation of Bishop Robert Finn:

In 2002, Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland retired after it was disclosed that he paid $450,000—ripped off from the coffers that service the poor—to his boyfriend; Weakland was accused of raping him years earlier.

Weakland’s multiple offenses, all serious, have not deterred Catholic left-wing malcontents, particularly those at Commonweal, from showering him with praise. Even Weakland’s stunning revelation, made in 2009, that he did not know it was a crime to sexually molest a child, had no effect: his fans were unfazed. That’s because he is a man of the Left. Bishop Finn, however, is entitled to no slack. That’s because he is an orthodox bishop.

Some of Bishop Finn’s critics have been fair, but many have not. Among the latter are the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), attorneys Jeffrey Anderson and Rebecca Randles, and Judy Thomas of the Kansas City Star. They make a good tag-team. Randles, by the way, subsequently sued me and the Catholic League over a bogus libel accusation. But she lost: it was dismissed by the courts on all counts.

In 2011, we submitted a proposed full-page ad to the Kansas City Star that I had written; the cost was $25,000. But once the editors read it, they turned it down. That’s because I had gotten too close to home, exposing their allies for who they are.

It is worth reading the ad that the Kansas City Star did not want you to read (click here.) It wasn’t worth $25,000 to allow me to tell the truth. Bishop Finn may have made mistakes, but he looks positively angelic next to these people.

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