Catholic League president  William Donohue offered the following thoughts on last night’ s episode of”Nothing Sacred.”

“Last night ‘s ‘Nothing Sacred’ affirmed what the Catholic League has been saying all along: the show is pure  politics, propaganda for those whose alienation from the Church makes them itch for its radical transformation.

“It  is clear that the priests and nuns of St. Thomas are as contemptuous of the authority of the state as they are the authority of the Church. Like the Flower Children whom they emulate, they preach the virtue of peace while promoting – even engaging in – violence.   And like their progressive brothers and sisters, they are infinitely more  upset with right-wing authoritarian regimes than they are with left-wing totalitarianism.

“It made no sense for Rachel and Father Ray to be horrified at hearing that the illegal alien woman from El Salvador (the  one who willfully abandoned her husband and children) was persecuted for teaching the Catechism. Why should they care ?  After all, neither Rachel nor Ray give a fig about what the Catechism teaches.  As for Sister Mo, it would be so refreshing to see her grow up and move on.

“Rachel has yet to show one scintilla of remorse for aborting her child, yet that doesn’t stop Father Eric from begging her to go to Communion.  That’ s because  abortion is not a fundamental wrong. What is wrong is for the police  to arrest those who break the law, and that explains why three priests were put in the slammer for assaulting them.   To be more accurate, it ‘s okay for priests to engage in violence when the cause serves their  politics. Had it been Operation Rescue punching out the cops, that would have been deplorable .

“The best part about last night’s show was the ‘color check ‘ commercial. But after watching the show, I only wish they had provided us with an audio check as well: it was hard to believe what we were hearing.  What is  most needed, however, is a reality check for those  who still defend the show.”

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