Last week we criticized the Florida ACLU for opposing an “I Believe” Christian specialty license plate; those who want this plate would have to pay an additional fee. We subsequently contacted the Florida House urging members to adopt the plate. Now we are contacting the Senate: Sen. Minority Leader Steve Geller is leading the opposition to an amended bill by Sen. Ronda Storms.

Commenting on this development is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

“It is not clear why Sen. Geller is opposing this specialty license plate, but it is not a stretch to say that he probably agrees with the position of Florida ACLU executive director Howard Simon. Simon argues that the license plate ‘sends a message that Florida is essentially a Christian state.’ If this is also Geller’s position, then what is needed is an ‘I Believe’ license plate adorned by a Star of David for Jews and a Crescent and Star for Muslims.

“To be against this proposal would invite serious questions. Why would Geller, a Democrat, want to put his fellow Democrats in the position of denying the public expression of religion? After all, for the last four years we have heard legions of Democrats loudly protest the notion that the Republicans own God. They are right to protest, but it remains true that voters want to know which party is truly religion friendly. And given that this is an election year, and the fate of the Florida Democratic primary has yet to be decided, why would any Florida Democrat want to play to the stereotype that the Democrats are not religion friendly?

“As pointed out last week, this is not a church and state issue—it is a choice issue. There will be more than Floridians watching this outcome.”

Contact our ally, Sen. Storms at
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