USF_logoOn October 3, Dr. Bill Donohue contacted the president of the University of South Florida, Dr. Judy Genshaft, the Dean, Dr. Julianne Serovich, and the chairman of the Department of Child & Family Studies, Dr. Mario Hernandez, about the alleged conduct of Dr. Timothy Weil. He asked them two questions: a) is the allegation true? and b) if it is, what exactly is going to be done about it? He has not heard back, which is why he is contacting the media. Below is an excerpt from his letter:

 I have been told that at a recent conference held at the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort, Dr. Timothy M. Weil gave a paper, “Impact of Rule Governance on Motivation and its Clinical Application”; it was part of the proceedings of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis. In his September 27 address, it is alleged that he did the following:

He put up a picture of an equal sign (=) in the middle of the large screen and then added a picture of a priest holding a crucifix to the left of it, and a picture of a toilet to the right. He then asked the audience to comment on what the picture means. Someone from the audience yelled, “They’re both full of shit.” After the audience settled down, Dr. Weil strolled around the room and gleefully repeated the response; those who were there knew he got the response he sought.

I taught sociology for 16 years at a college in Pittsburgh and served for 20 years on the board of the National Association of Scholars. I have also written two books on the First Amendment. I have great respect for academic freedom, but I also have great contempt for those who abuse it. There is obviously nothing of any academic value when someone gratuitously insults the adherents of any world religion. Whatever point Dr. Weil was trying to make could surely have been made without unnecessarily offending Catholic sensibilities.

Donohue will now contact the 16 members of the Florida Board of Governors, and John B. Ramil, Chairman of the University of South Florida System, about this incident, and the failure of USF to respond.

Contact Vickie Chachere, USF News Manager:

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