Catholic League president Bill Donohue issued the following remarks today regarding an earlier story involving Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU):

“After our news release on FGCU, I received a call from Susan Evans, the school’s spokesperson.  She maintains that a news story on the issue of banning a Christmas song at a Christmas concert was not entirely accurate.  On December 9, there will be an ‘Appreciation’ luncheon for faculty and staff where a choir will sing some songs.  When a student learned that no Christmas songs would be sung, she complained to the media.  The story was then picked up by the local NBC media (WBBH-TV).

“Therefore, while the school will not allow Christmas songs to be sung, it is wrong to say that such songs are being banned at a Christmas concert.

“I found Susan Evans to be honest and convincing and regret that this story was floated for several days without emendation.”

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