New York City’s Department of Education has mandated that all five-year-olds must learn about AIDS and HIV in their kindergarten classes. The new curriculum began in late March.

Our response was appropriately strong and led to several interviews with Bill Donohue:

“New York City is home to some of the most reckless homosexual behavior in the United States, and that is why new strains of HIV have been detected here in the last few years and why reports of serious drug abuse—principally crystal meth—have exploded in the gay community. And what has been the response from the New York City government? Last month it announced that it would market its own official condom, as if the more than 1 million condoms that it already distributes free of charge isn’t enough.

“Now it has decided to teach little kids—still on their tricycles—about AIDS. It matters not a whit that those pushing this program say that the kids won’t learn how HIV is transmitted until the fourth grade (as if nine-year-olds are ready to learn about the wonders of anal sex); what matters is that this represents a coordinated effort on the part of city officials to sexually engineer our children. If they were truly interested in protecting kids from diseases, they would start by teaching them about such things as food poisoning.

“New York City is also telling parents that they may remove their children from these classes, but only if they agree to teach their kids at home. This is the time for Catholic parents who send their kids to the public schools to put their foot down: pull their kids from these classes, refuse to teach them about AIDS and then inform their principal of their refusal to cooperate.”

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