Bill Donohue

Father’s Day can be problematic for those in unusual circumstances.

What would you say about a man who fathered a child out-of-wedlock and then denied paternity—until forced to take a DNA test that proved the child is his?

What would you say about the same man who to this day has yet to even see his five-year-old child?

What would you say about the granddad of this child—a man who constantly brags that he is the granddad to six children—but has never  acknowledged that he is actually the granddad to seven children?

Meet the Bidens, Hunter and Joe.

They have both tried to erase the child, Navy Joan Roberts, from their conscience, and from the public mind. The two of them are embarrassed that the child’s mother was a stripper. This may not be redeeming, but to act like Hunter is Mr. Clean is absurd. He has a long and filthy record with prostitutes and cocaine.

At Biden’s inauguration, the newly minted president invited six of his grandchildren on stage, but left out Navy Joan. She was also left out at Christmas: there were six stockings displayed at the White House; none was hung for her. Oh, yes, Hunter is now in court fighting the request to have the child’s surname changed to Biden.

It gets worse. Before his inauguration, Joe Biden refused to acknowledge the child born to Hunter and his wife, Melissa Cohen: Joe told the press that he and his wife, Jill, had five grandchildren, when in fact they had seven. They have since corrected the record (for number six, that is).

Despite Hunter’s lucrative overseas deals, he is crying poverty, saying he can’t meet his child support obligations. Yet he has never made public his tax returns, nor has he revealed his Los Angeles home address and phone number. Transparency anyone?

So who is worse? A father who pretends that a child he brought into this world doesn’t exist? Or the child’s grandfather who publicly boasts how much he loves his grandkids while pretending his seventh grandchild doesn’t exist?

Let’s call it a draw.

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