In the last issue of Catalyst, we mentioned that one of the three Catholic scholars asked to join the commission on the Holocaust was Father John F. Morley. We also noted that Father Morley “has been critical of the work of Father Peter Gumpel, the Jesuit who is promoting the cause of sainthood for Pope Pius XII; Father Morley has labeled Father Gumpel’s work ‘biased.’”

Father Gumpel assures us that he is the “realtor of the cause of Pius XII; that is, by papal appointment the autonomous and independent judge of investigation, whose task is to examine in a completely impartial manner everything concerned with this cause; to supervise the drafting of the ‘Position on Life and Heroic Virtues,’ which in due time will be presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and to make sure also that possible objections have been presented and treated in an objective and fair manner.”

Father Gumpel contends that if Father Morley had gotten this right, he would not have accused him of being biased. We at the Catholic League fully agree with this assessment. Moreover, we believe that, together with Father Pierre Blet, Father Peter Gumpel is the world’s foremost authority on the subject of Pope Pius XII.

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