Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest episode of the Fox TV show, “Family Guy” (Fox entertainment is owned by Disney):

I wrote today to the ten members of the Walt Disney Company Board of Directors about the November 8 episode of “Family Guy.” This episode featured a scene where two Catholic sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion, were mocked. It also maligned priests and disparaged rabbis. The offensive scene involved a Christening.

         Meg (The Daughter): “Where’s the priest?”

         Lois (The Mother): “Oh, the Church ran out of priests months ago because of all the diddling. Now they just have a rabbi fill in.”

The scene then cuts to a rabbi at a baptismal font where he makes this comment while doing the baptism.

        Rabbi: “Welcome to the Christening. Now, before the child goes in the water, has it been at least 20 minutes since she ate?”

        Joe (Father of Girl being baptized): “Yes, rabbi.”

       Rabbi: “Let’s dunk this kid like a doughnut. I hereby Christen this child in the name of Jesus Christ, who was killed by we-don’t-know-who, it’s not important. The last thing we want to do is point fingers.”

After the Baptism, the rabbi makes a joke about the Eucharist.

      Rabbi: “Congratulations, sweetie, you’re a Christian. From now on, every Sunday you get to eat a hard cookie and pretend it’s a guy.”

I asked Mr. Robert Iger, the Executive Chairman of the Walt Disney Company, and the other members of its board of directors, four questions: “Why are so many in Hollywood bent on disparaging our Judeo-Christian heritage? Why do they single out Catholics? Why can’t they treat us the way they treat Muslims and gays? Why is Fox muddying the name of Walt Disney?”

I asked him to “call off the dogs,” pledging that “If I have to write again, the content of my communication will be strikingly dissimilar.

Contact Robert A. Iger:

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