It is one thing when a newspaper editorializes against hospital mergers between and Catholic and secular facilities, quite another when a purportedly objective news report shows its bias. This is what happened recently when the North Jersey Herald & News did a piece on the subject. It went so far as to say that such mergers “threaten reproductive rights.” Talk about a false alarm.

The fact that our laws permit a person to have an abortion, or to use contraception, does not require private health care facilities to provide these “services.” Does the legal right of an adult to use pornography require every book store to sell pornographic materials? Should a vegetarian restaurant be required to offer meat dishes because people have a legal right to eat meat?

The medical needs of entire communities should not be held hostage to the narrow pro-abortion ideology of a few. And in any event, it is outrageous to read an editorial disguised as a news story. This says volumes on what passes as journalism at the newspaper.

We conveyed our sentiments to the Herald & News and hope our members are on the lookout for such abuses. They don’t happen often, but even once is too much.

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