There they go fighting the Reformation again. It is with this sense of exasperation that we read an article in the Evangelical publication, World. The name of the piece, “On the eve of saints,” contains the ruminations of Andree Sec, a Catholic-turned-Evangelical who has a need to vent in public.

Sec isn’t too worried about Halloween, he tells his readers, but he is upset with the next day, All Saints Day. Sec rejects the Catholic Church’s teachings on sainthood. Fine. Who cares? But he can’t leave it alone: he wants everyone to know that Jesus is the patron of lost causes and all who believe in Him are saints. Speaking of his Catholic upbringing, Sec muses that “I perceive that in every way we [his family] were very religious and huddled together in fear.” Now that he’s liberated it’s too bad Saint Andree can’t move on.

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