We sent a letter at the end of March to the Broadcast Standards & Practices department of ABC registering our misgivings over three recent episodes of “Politically Incorrect.”

The March 20 show featured Bill Maher joking that at the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel didn’t tell Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus, he showed her his “horn had turned pink.” Priests were casts as pedophiles on the March 9 episode and on March 1, jokes were made that there is no such thing as Catholic bashing; Catholic beliefs on abortion and birth control were the butt of jokes on this show as well.

Here is ABC’s response: “I realize that it does not assuage your concerns, however, all religious and ethnic groups are equally treated by the show and probably equally offended.” To which we say: a) baloney and b) even if it were true, what kind of ethics is this?

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