In the June Catalyst, we ran a story, “Sticking Their Noses Where They Don’t Belong,” that took issue with non-Catholics injecting themselves into the affairs of the Catholic Church; the article was prompted by media coverage of the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

In the piece, we quoted a remark by Christel Kucharz of ABC news that suggested that the German people were uniformly aligned against the new pope. We cast doubt about her not meeting anyone who spoke favorably of the new pope. In fact, she did. More to the point, she did so in the same article where she wrote about the negative German observations.

When Ms. Kucharz contacted us from Germany about this, she sent the article in question, making the point that she didn’t skew the piece. After reading what she sent, we concluded she was right. What happened is that we were given an excerpt of her article that was taken from some other source. That excerpt unfairly represented what she said, and we repeated the error. We have apologized to Ms. Kucharz about this, and she has graciously accepted.

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