In the November Catalyst, we ran a story, “Their Idea of Fairness,” wherein we reported that Insight Media had a catalog of videos and CD-ROMS for students that included some good selections on religion, but also some lousy selections on Roman Catholicism. We told our members that head of the company, Jeff Morris, failed to respond to a letter by William Donohue, so we asked them to write. And did they!

Morris called on November 6 and again on November 9, both times crying uncle. He said he was deluged with mail and wanted to make amends. He not only agreed to be more sensitive about this issue in the future, he said that his staff would screen new videos on Catholicism.

Thanks to you, Morris got the message. So please, when we list names and addresses of offending parties, write to them as soon as possible. Over and over again, we have seen how it can make a difference.

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