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Matt Damon confirmed to “Good Morning America” that both he and Ben Affleck knew about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged harassment of Gwyneth Paltrow in the late 1990s. (Flare, 11/26/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Damon did a skit on NBC’s season premier of “30 Rock” where he made the crack that “I was touched by a priest—it’s fine.” (Catholic League, 11/15/2010)


Alec Baldwin: Was close friends with James Toback, working together on many films, and was at first silent on abuse allegations against Toback. Then he claimed not to know anything about them. Then he defended Toback’s character. (NY Daily News, 10/31/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: In a burst of anger directed at a photographer Baldwin disliked, he said, “You must have been raped by a priest.” (Catholic League, 9/18/2002)


Sarah Silverman: Criticized Louis C.K. for his sexual abuse of women, but also blamed “the culture that enabled it.” (Washington, 11/17/2017) This is astonishing, given that she has played a significant role in contributing to the debasement of our culture.
Offensive Catholic fare: Has a long history of anti-Catholic rants, including:
• Christmas morning tweet (2015), “Merry Christmas! Jesus was gender fluid.”
• Acted out a skit (2014) in which Jesus endorses abortion, refers to himself as “Jesus F***ing Christ” and rubs her sexually.


Bill Maher: On his November 17, 2017 HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” commenting on Al Franken, Maher said, “He did a bad thing, and the condemnation has been universal, which he deserves. What he doesn’t deserve is to be lumped in with Roy Moore, or Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein. Or Donald Trump!” (, 1/20/2017) On that same show, Maher proved once again what a coward he is. He had ample opportunity to discuss the pathologically sick acts of Louis C.K., but just like the week before, he never addressed him by name, opting to make light of his conduct. (Catholic League, 11/20/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: No one has been more obscene, and more relentless, in attacking the Catholic Church than Bill Maher. He merits his own entry. See our listing of dozens of offenses found online under “Special Reports.”


Chelsea Handler: Told Maher, “I agree with you on Al Franken. I’m sorry, he’s not a predator. Anybody who knows him knows that’s not true. He made a mistake, absolutely, but he’s not a predator.” (Deadline, 11/17/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Constant thrashing of Pope Francis:
• November 8, 2013, on Pope Francis being on Forbes list of most powerful people in the world: “That’s interesting since he’s never had penetration. How can he be that powerful?” (Catholic League, 11/11/2013)


Howard Stern: On his SiriusXM show, Stern recalled a 2014 interview with Harvey Weinstein in which he asked the producer whether he ever used his position to engage in sexual activity with women. Weinstein denied it. On his show, Stern said he never bought Weinstein’s claim, declaring: “I knew he was lying. I knew it.” (People, 10/20/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: In June 2001, Stern said, “Catholic priests are having sex with young boys.” He added that those who work in the pornography industry were healthier than Catholic priests. In an angry voice, Stern charged that priests show boys pornography so they can molest them. (Catholic League, 7/2/2001)


Seth MacFarlane: Announcing the Oscar nominations for best supporting actress in 2013, he cracked an infamous joke: “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.” MacFarlane has explained that he made the quip after his Ted co-star Jessica Barth told him about Weinstein’s attempted advances two years earlier. (BBC News, 10/12/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: In the October 19, 2008 episode of FOX’s Family Guy (MacFarlane is the creator) one character, a Nazi officer asked if the character “Mort” is “a real priest.” Another character, Stewie, replies, “Yeah, yeah, I can vouch for him, he’s real. He’s molested me many, many times.” (Catholic League, 10/21/2008)


Whoopi Goldberg: On an episode of “The View” (November 17, 2014), defended Bill Cosby, accused by some 20 women of raping or otherwise sexually assaulting them. Questioning lack of evidence in some cases, she said “we’ll wait and find out what happens.” (Catholic League, 12/4/2014) She also defended Roman Polanski, saying of his admitted rape of a 13-year-old girl, “I don’t believe it was ‘rape rape.'” (Catholic League, 11/1/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Bashed Catholic Church teaching on communion and abortion (Catholic League, 11/23/2009)


Rosie O’Donnell: Said Weinstein allegations didn’t surprise her and that she had known him and known “of him” for a long time; also said she knew about Kevin Spacey’s behavior. (E! Online, November 2017;, 10/30/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Inveterate Catholic basher: Ridiculed Eucharist many times, said celibacy was “not normal,” said Catholics don’t read the Bible, misstated facts about the pope and sexual abuse, supported partial-birth abortion, said radical Christianity is akin to terrorism. (Catholic League, 7/26/2007)


Harvey Weinstein: Organized a petition, signed by more than 100 prominent filmmakers, actors, producers, and technicians defending the rights of admitted child rapist Roman Polanski. Weinstein referred to the rape–in which Polanski plied the child with alcohol and drugs, and then raped her orally, vaginally, and anally–as a “so-called crime.” (Catholic League, 11/1/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: See “Men Accused of Sexual Harassment” (pg. 4)


Martin Scorsese: One of more than 100 prominent filmmakers, actors, producers, and technicians who signed a petition defending the rights of admitted child rapist Roman Polanski. (Breitbart, 10/15/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: A scene from “Boardwalk Empire” (executive producer, Martin Scorsese) amusingly showed a nun on her hands and knees being penetrated from behind, and another which showed a man performing cunnilingus on her. (Catholic League, 11/12/2010)




New York Times: Sharon Waxman, a former reporter at the Times wrote of how she had the story on Weinstein in 2004–and then he bullied the Times into dropping it. Jonathan Landman, Waxman’s editor at the Times, asked her why it mattered. After all, he told Waxman, “he’s not a publicly elected official.” (The Weekly Standard, 10/9/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: See our website for numerous instances.


Jill Abramson: Former executive editor at New York Times, and once served as deputy to Michael Oreskes. She confirmed to the Washington Post a description of his questionable interactions with a young female employee then at the Times. She said she wished she had said something about Oreskes’ conduct. (New York Times, 10/31/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Abramson was one of the judges who awarded a $10,000 prize in 2002 to the staff of the Boston Globe for its continuing series of stories on clergy sexual abuse. (Boston Globe, 2/4/2003)


Barbara Walters: In a 2013 interview on “The View,” as Corey Feldman told of the culture of pedophilia in Hollywood, Walters told him, “You’re damaging an entire industry.”(Daily News, 10/17/2017) She also made headlines in 2014 for defending Woody Allen against molestation allegations. (, 10/17/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Co-Producer and moderator of “The View.” She never did a thing to stop anti-Catholic assaults by her hosts. (Catholic League, 11/12/2005)


Joy Behar: When it came to Bill Clinton’s victims, she called them “tramps.” She defended Al Franken, saying he shouldn’t resign. (, 11/20/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare: Bashed all priests as pedophiles on multiple occasions (Catholic League, 2/18/2009)




Bill and Hillary Clinton: Harvey Weinstein has long been a major contributor and fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. He also donated $10,000 to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund in response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and subsequent impeachment. Now Lena Dunham and Tina Brown say that they warned top people in Hillary’s presidential campaigns about Weinstein’s sexual misconduct.
Brown said she cautioned members of Clinton’s inner circle during Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign. “I was hearing that Harvey’s sleaziness with women had escalated since I left Talk in 2002 and she was unwise to be so closely associated with him,” Brown said.
When the Weinstein scandal broke in October, it took Hillary five days to issue a statement condemning him. (, 10/16/2017)
Offensive Catholic fare:
• In 2016, Hillary’s presidential campaign leaders were revealed in a WikiLeaks document to have been engaged in anti-Catholicism. Jennifer Palmieri, communications director, mocked Catholics with left-wing activist John Halpin, who called Catholicism a “bastardization of the faith” and said it had “severely backwards gender relations.” (Catholic League, 11/21/2016)
• John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, plotted with a left-wing friend to start a Catholic “revolution” and admitted to creating phony Catholic groups intended to sabotage the Church from within. Hillary refused to address this and refused to sanction or fire these staff members. (Catholic League, 11/21/2016)
• President Clinton nominated anti-Catholic homosexual activist James Hormel as Ambassador to Luxembourg, who refused to distance himself from the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. (Catholic League, 3/30/1999)
• President Clinton hired as Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders who blamed the Church for slavery and the plight of Native Americans; she also ridiculed priestly celibacy. (Catholic League, 3/27/1995)
• President Clinton’s Ambassador to the Vatican admitted he was “embarrassed” about the “ugly anti-Catholic bias” in the Clinton administration. (Catholic League, 3/27/1995)

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