Catholic League president Bill Donohue addresses the changes made by the Empire State Building in its application for lighting the towers:

The current online application for lighting the towers of the Empire State Building says it has “a specific policy against lighting for religious figures, religious organizations, and additional religious holidays.”

This is another sleight of hand being played by Anthony Malkin, the building’s owner. The reader never learns the truth: this policy was recently made up to justify stiffing Mother Teresa.

To see the front page of the current policy, as well as the front page of the application I filled out in February, click here.

Moreover, as recently as last January, the Empire State Building paid tribute to Rev. Martin Luther King. It would be great to learn from Malkin how he explains such duplicity, but since neither he nor his PR people are speaking to the press, we will never know how he would torture the truth, one more time.

Contact Daniel Hernandez, the PR genius for the Empire State Building:

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