On April 29, gay activist Dan Savage apologized for belittling students at an April 13 conference of high school journalists; he did not apologize for his vulgar anti-Christian remarks. That same day he spoke before a crowd at Elmhurst College in Illinois. Here is what he said about Pope Benedict XVI’s rejection of gay marriage:

  • “What the pope is saying is that the only thing that stands between my d**k and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper.”
  • “What the pope is saying, once we’re all gay married, we’re going to go extinct in a generation. Because once we’re all gay married, we’re going to forget which hole s**ts babies.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:

They had to have known about Dan Savage’s history of offering obscene anti-Catholic rants when they asked him to speak at the campus chapel. The president of Elmhurst College must have known—he was certainly there to welcome him. S. Alan Ray, a former Roman Catholic seminarian, has issued no apology for Savage’s vulgar attack on the pope. Maybe he agrees with Savage.

We’re going to send this news release to the Elmhurst media, the college’s board of trustees, local government officials, and every Catholic high school principal in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet. They should know how this college, which boasts of its commitment to diversity and tolerance, treats Catholics.

Had a Catholic speaker, invited to talk about bullying Catholics, taken the opportunity to bully homosexuals, the president would have been forced to resign. It is also ironic to note that Dr. Ray is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation; he can no doubt speak for hours about the horrors of anti-Native American prejudice. Too bad he couldn’t spare Catholics a minute to apologize for Savage’s assault. But maybe he agrees with Savage.

Contact Ray’s executive secretary, Jeannine Boylan: jboylan@elmhurst.edu

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