The NBC show “Will and Grace” had a special guest February 15th. Someone thought it would be fun to have America’s most well known lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, play a nun. The nun said she was taken to the convent when she was three, thinking she was going to the zoo. “All I wanted to do is see the penguins. Ironic, isn’t it?” DeGeneres said, dressed in an old-fashioned nun’s habit.

She asked the gay male and his female friend, “What’sex with a man like?” and they both stumbled to answer. The nun had a business called, “What a Friend We Have in Cheesecake.” When she won’t return a car, Grace argued: “Why do you need a car? Can’t you fly?” As Grace continued to complain, the nun responded, “Hey! Talk to the beads!”

The show concluded with DeGeneres’ nun stating, “Big day for me. I’m not wearing a bra.”

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