The ruling class wants to divide us. They can’t seem to get enough division, whether it be along racial, ethnic, class, or sex lines. Their favorite weapon is race, and they are very good at exploiting it.

The NFL began the new football season by dividing us along racial lines. They did not begin the first game between Tampa Bay and Dallas with the national anthem: they began by playing the black national anthem. All the players were told to lock arms, and they dutifully obliged.

The NFL has ordered every football game this season to begin with the Black national anthem. In other words, they believe that our allegiance to the nation is an anachronism, a relic from the past that must be discarded.

There is nothing that upsets the ruling class more than our national motto, “E Pluribus Unum.” “Out of many, one” is seen as offensive by these people. What they prefer is “out of many, many.” Unity is their enemy.

Where did NFL chief Roger Goodell get these ideas? From the grand wizards of higher education, of course. That’s where anti-Americanism is seeded. It all starts with the Ivies.

Princeton University started its new academic year by mandating all in-coming freshman to sit through a barrage of presentations designed to make them hate the country, beginning with their own school. For example, they had to sit through a video that featured a Princeton professor, Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who instructed them to “tear down this place.” Why? Because President Woodrow Wilson was once president of Princeton and he is accused of being a racist.

Peralta told the students that free speech should not be seen as a First Amendment right; it should instead be seen as a “privilege.” The only speech he approves of is “free speech and intellectual discourse that is [sic] flexed to one specific aim, and that aim is the promotion of social justice, and an anti-racist social justice at that.”

It does not matter that this man is an illiterate: what matters is that he is seen by his white superiors as a useful idiot who is doing their bidding. His job is secure.

The graduating class of 2021 at Columbia University did not come together last spring to celebrate their achievement. Instead, multiple ceremonies were held, all designed to divide students. There were graduation events for Native Americans (whose ancestors migrated here like the rest of us), Asians, “Latinx” (the ruling class hates Latino and Latina, which refer to male and female, so they invented a sex-neutral term), and African Americans.

Columbia even had a ceremony for “first generation and/or low-income community” students. Nor did they forget homosexuals or the sexually challenged: they held a “Lavender” graduation for the “LGBTIAQ+” community. (So glad they inserted the plus.) The reason why southpaws didn’t have their own event is because they have not been recognized as an aggrieved segment of society. But who knows what the future might bring?

Harvard was one of the first colleges or universities to hold separate graduation ceremonies for blacks. When Harvard is not busy denying Asian students admission because it has too many of them, it is concentrating on dividing white and black students. What it started has now been mimicked by dozens of colleges, and many offer segregated residential halls as well. “Separate but equal,” which was once seen as racist, is now being seen as laudatory. No doubt the Klan would agree.

The quest for racial division has crept into the elementary and secondary schools as well. It would be hard to beat the curriculum adopted by the public school system of Evanston, Illinois.

Students in grades three through five are told that “it is important to disrupt the Western nuclear family.” Why? Because of the assumption that this is “the best/proper way to have a family.” And you know where that idea came from—white people.

In the third grade lesson plans on “whiteness,” students learn that “There is a belief that a ‘normal’ family consists of a mom, dad, son, daughter, and pet. We’ve learned that this isn’t true.” In other words, “broken homes” are as good as intact ones (that this is a cruel lie means nothing).

Why are they doing this? The deep thinkers sincerely believe that inequality can be overcome by convincing blacks, and others, that they are victims. The victimizers, naturally, are white people, especially white heterosexual Christian males. They invented sin.

Victimhood, however, does the very opposite of what the elites desire. It doesn’t empower anyone to succeed—all it does is convince people that they are not responsible for their condition. But it does award them power of a sort: they can lay claim to special treatment, citing instances of discrimination that their ancestors endured.

This also empowers elites. It allows them to become social engineers, the ones who decide which group gets what. If Asians are too successful, adopt quotas to keep them in line. If African Americans are unsuccessful, adopt policies to push them ahead.

What we are witnessing is the ideological corruption of the ruling class. They are entitled to our wrath, not our respect.

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