What a way to begin the school year. Council Rock School District of Richboro, Pennsylvania, decided it would cost a lot less if they rerouted Catholic school students who used public transportation. What this meant is that students who attended Villa Joseph Marie High School and Holy Ghost Preparatory School had to be routed through the public high school instead of going directly to their own school. Consequently, a trip that took fifteen minutes now took at least an hour and a half.

At a school board meeting, the educators got quite an education from outraged parents. They also got a chance to meet Arthur J. Delaney, president of the Philadelphia/South Jersey chapter of the Catholic League. The parents complained; Art said the league was contemplating legal action.

On September 10, Council Rock School District reinstituted the old schedule and everything was back to normal. Betting men said the school district would be sure to invite Delaney to its Christmas party. We hope he goes and let’s us know if they have any nativity scenes besides those menorahs.

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