Within five days, eBay, the online auction house, withdrew two blasphemous and obscene items from its website following a complaint by the Catholic League.

The first item was called the “Weird Tattooed Jesus Statue!” It depicted Jesus with three eyes, vampire teeth and a dagger on his chest. The base was covered with roses and green painted skulls. It was pulled December 13.

The second item, “Catholic Priests F— Children,” was sponsored by Open Wound recording company and is the creation of the British band called The Grey Wolves. There was a sketch of naked boys and girls on the cover and a picture of a Catholic priest. The person who auctioned it was from Germany. It was pulled December 18.

In both instances, lawyers for eBay listened attentively to our complaint and proved to be eminently reasonable. Thousands of items are auctioned off on this site and no one can possibly police them all. But when someone gives us a tip about some obscene item that attacks Catholicism, we investigate and then lodge a protest. Thus far, eBay officials have moved quickly and affirmatively to deal with the problem.

Members will recall that in November our lead story was on eBay withdrawing a “Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Condom.” We will continue to monitor this website and react when necessary.

In short, we are just as determined to fight these bigots as they are to continue to fight.

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