Urban Outfitters, a Philadelphia company that sells T-shirts and an array of merchandise targeted at young people, has decided not to carry its magnetized figure of Jesus on the cross anymore; the figure of Jesus wearing underwear could be altered by putting various clothing items on it (e.g., a devil’s outfit and a hula skirt).

Here is what Catholic League president William Donohue told the media:

“On January 13, I wrote to Richard A. Hayne, chairman of Urban Outfitters, Inc., commending him for pulling an offensive shirt that the Anti-Defamation League had protested. The shirt read, ‘EVERYONE LOVES A JEWISH GIRL,’ and was surrounded by dollar signs. But I also requested that his company discontinue several items that are offensive to Christians, including those that featured Jesus. It sure took him long enough to do so, but at least he got the message and has now decided to pull this item. Perhaps my blasting the company on the MSNBC TV show, ‘Scarborough Country,’ had something to do with the decision.

“But we’re not satisfied. That’s because the company is still selling some T-shirts of Jesus and Mary that are offensive. Thus, we will keep the heat on Urban Outfitters until it starts treating Christians as the equal of Jews and pulls all these T-shirts. It is quite interesting to learn that the guy who created the dress-up Jesus, Bob Smith, went to see ‘The Passion of the Christ’ dressed as Satan. His complaint that someone threw a cup of soda at him strikes us as a whine. Did he expect a handshake?”

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