Catholic League president Bill Donohue has prepared a 24-page response to the John Jay College for Criminal Justice Report on the “Causes and Context” of clergy abuse. While he praises the study on several counts, he faults the authors for not allowing their own data to drive their conclusion on the role that homosexuality played in the abuse crisis.

Sections within Donohue’s critical analysis include the following: Overview; Comparative Data and Tainted Sources; Bishops Respond; The Role of Homosexuality; The Elephant in the Sacristy; The Seminaries; and, The Resolution of Cognitive Dissonance.

Copies are being sent to all the bishops, many in the media, and to a select group of educators and attorneys; members of the league’s board of directors and board of advisors will also receive a copy.

To read Donohue’s rejoinder, click here.

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