Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds to the Detroit Free Press editor regarding his reply to our news release of January 2:

Here is what Detroit Free Press editor Peter Bhatia wrote in reply to our news release:

Thanks for your e-mail. However, the allegations made by Dr. Donohue are completely without merit. The story was responsible, deeply reported and factual, reporting on a difficult situation that has arisen over time in Catholic boys’ schools here. Take the time to read the story and I think you will see it is fair. To borrow a phrase from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Dr. Donohue is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Peter Bhatia
Editor and Vice President, Detroit Free Press and
Great Lakes regional editor (Michigan and Ohio), USA TODAY Network

Here is Bill Donohue’s reply:

Mr. Bhatia’s reply is flatulent. He says the story’s facts are accurate. That was not my point, and he knows it. My point was that this was a contrived non-story with disjointed accounts spliced together to put a bad face on the Catholic Church. I even gave as an analogue how this might play out if the target were African Americans. His dodge is further proof of the dishonesty and juvenile journalism of the Detroit Free Press.

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