PBS will soon air a recently taped special two-hour edition of “Firing Line” that featured a debate over the question, “Is the ACLU Full of Baloney?” On one side was William F. Buckley, Jr., William Donohue, Lino Graglia and Robert Knight. The ACLU side was represented by Ira Glasser, Nadine Stroessen, Leon Botstein and Barry Lynn. The debate, which was held on the campus of Bard College, was interrupted several times by four female students (the Women of Color contingent demanded an African diet on campus, more affirmative action, etc.); they were upset with their president, Dr. Botstein, for not acceding to their demands.

The debate is scheduled to appear on June 19 in some parts of the country. Check your local listings for when it will air. No word from the ACLU yet on whether an African diet is a constitutional right, but we look forward to these hot dogs taking up the case.

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