Following the U.S. House approval of the hate crimes bill, the official spokesman for President Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, ducked a question on the legislation. Gibbs was asked by Baltimore radio icon and WorldNetDaily correspondent Les Kinsolving to address the legislation, but the spokesman had nothing to say.

The exchange between the two men follows:

Kinsolving: “The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights president, William Donohue, noted, in the House Judiciary Committee, an amendment to H.R. 1913, the Hate Crimes Bill, which amendment would have excluded pedophilia, was voted down 13 to 10, while another amendment to bar prosecution based on religious beliefs was also defeated 11 to 8. And my question: Does the president believe pedophilia should be a legally protected sexual orientation, and that religious beliefs opposing homosexuality are not protected under our Constitution’s freedom of religion?”

Gibbs: “I’m not familiar with the amendments.”

Kinsolving: “Will you get back to us on that?”

Gibbs: “Alright.”

Despite not being a Catholic, Les Kinsolving has always been a friend to the Catholic League and we are grateful for his service.

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