On August 31, Bill Donohue requested the New York City branch of the New York State Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) to launch a formal investigation of Anthony Weiner for suspected child sexual abuse. The bid was quickly granted.

Weiner is a former Congressman who is married to Huma Abedin, close confidant of Hillary Clinton. In 2011, he tweeted a sexually explicit photo of himself to a female friend; it cost him his seat in Congress. In 2013, he lost any chance he had of becoming mayor of New York when he was involved in a similar offense. This time his transgression was worse—he used his son as sexual bait. Abedin and Weiner separated immediately following these revelations.

The first story on Weiner’s latest exploits appeared on the front page of the New York Post on August 29. He was shown sitting in bed in his underwear, sexually aroused, with his four-year-old son next to him. That was bad enough, but it was the front-page story on August 31 in the New York Post that drove Donohue to contact the authorities: Weiner was using his child as a “chick magnet” to lure females.

Donohue felt compelled to act because of the glowing inconsistencies that mark the subject of the sexual abuse of minors. A few years ago, charges were brought against a New Jersey priest for grabbing the behind of a teenage boy while they were wrestling; it took place in front of the boy’s mother. Yet it seemed that Weiner was going to get away with his indefensible act, just because of who he is, and who his wife is.

Donohue completed New York State form 2221A, “Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Maltreatment.” It called for an explanation of the behavior in question. Below is the text of his letter.

As president of the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization, I am well aware of the plague of child sexual abuse that marks virtually every sector of society, including, regrettably, the Catholic Church. I am writing to express my concerns about the emotional and physical well being of Jordan Weiner, son of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

The New York City Administration for Children’s Services defines child sexual abuse to include “incest, rape, obscene sexual performance, fondling a child’s genitals, intercourse, sodomy, and any other contact such as exposing a child to sexual activity, or commercial sexual exploitation such as prostitution of a minor or production of pornographic materials involving a minor.”

Enclosed find a front-page story in the August 31 edition of the New York Post on the sexual exploitation of four-year-old Jordan Weiner by his father, Anthony Weiner. On August 29, we learned that Mr. Weiner took crotch shots of himself sporting an erection with his son lying next to him in bed. That was disturbing enough, but now we know that he used his child as a “chick magnet” to allure sexual relationships.

It would appear that Mr. Weiner’s sexual exploitation of his child meets the definition of child sexual abuse as defined by the Administration for Children’s Services. Please investigate this matter.

The next day, September 1, the New York Post cited Donohue’s bid to have ACS investigate this matter. “Donohue’s complaint lists both Weiner and Abedin, who declined comment,” the story said.

The Daily Mail contacted ACS about this issue and was told by a spokesman that it had to follow the policy of non-disclosure; in the interest of protecting the child, it does not comment on such investigations. The British daily then said the following:

“It came after Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, urged the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to investigate Weiner for sexually exploiting his young son.” The news story then explained his reasoning.

Donohue released a statement to the press that ended with a plea to remember the boy. “This case is now in the hands of ACS. I have no reason to doubt that it will do its duty and seek justice in this matter. Please keep the four-year-old boy, Jordan Weiner, in your prayers.”

We will keep you posted.

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