It’s hard to say what the motivation is, but there is little question that Dolce & Gabanna seems obsessed with Our Blessed Mother. In last month’s Catalyst, we noted the designer’s dress that featured a full-length picture of Madonna, her head placed squarely in the pelvic area; we also noted the crude comments that Hollywood actors had to say about it. But it now seems that D&G have gone overboard.

D&G has a whole line of apparel and emblems that uses illustrations of Mary, the Christ child, crosses, etc. While none of the representations have been doctored so as to insult, the very fact that D&G is investing in this line of fashion raises our eyebrows. Yes, there is a line between the reverential display of religious icons and the blasphemous misuse of them. But it is also true that the commercial appropriation of Catholic symbols, done strictly to make a fashion statement, is in bad taste.

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