The protest over the movie “Dogma” gained force over the summer as the Catholic League commenced its petition drive and issued a booklet on the movie; more steps are planned for the fall.

At press time, league had received approximately 100,000 signatures supporting our petition drive to get Disney to dump Miramax; thousands more are coming in every day. Sometime before the movie opens, now scheduled for November 12, the petitions will be sent directly to Michael Eisner of Disney.

Lions Gate has been named the distributor of “Dogma.” An independent film company, Lions Gate has a reputation for distributing “edgy” movies. Jeff Sackman, president of the company, admits that ethics are not a driving force behind his decision-making: “People ask what kind of films and budgets we are looking for. We follow no specific rules. We do what makes sense and we do what makes money.” This explains why an anti-Catholic movie fits well at Lions Gate.

On Sunday, September 12, the Catholic League will run an ad on the op-ed page of the New York Times that addresses the issue of who the real censors are in the debate over “Dogma.” Members are urged to buy a copy of the newspaper that day.

To participate in the protest, see page 2 for the particulars on obtaining a copy of the league’s booklet on “Dogma.”

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