After a spate of anti-Catholic comments on ABC’s “The View” from last fall to this summer, the show’s panelists mended their ways after we placed a New York Times ad on June 12 criticizing their treatment of our faith. Since the ad ran, we noted in September’s Catalyst, “the gals have been good.” But on October 4, the panelists were at it again.

Whoopi Goldberg began by commenting on St. Louis Arch-bishop Raymond Burke’s remarks about pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion. Goldberg said that because of Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion, Burke “cannot give him Communion.” To our knowledge, Giuliani has never been refused Communion by any priest (though Burke could deny him if he wanted to do so). Moreover, it is not likely that Giuliani will be faced with this issue anyway: he knows he cannot present himself for Communion because his previous marriage was not annulled.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck put her arrogance on display by exclaiming, “I always have an issue with a priest denying Communion.” Denying someone Communion rarely occurs—but in any event, what business was it of Hasselbeck, who is no longer a Catholic, to offer her two cents about Catholic teachings? Compounding her foolishness, she asserted that a divorced member of her family could not receive Communion until obtaining an annulment. This is ludicrous: a divorced Catholic who has not remarried is never denied Communion.

Joy Behar and Hasselbeck then opined how annulments can be bought. This is one of the great smears that often goes unchallenged. Certainly there are old allegations regarding a few prominent Catholics, but it was simply wrong for Behar and Hasselbeck to make sweeping generalizations. There is a modest administrative fee for annulments, but it can be waived if the cost is deemed prohibitive.

Perhaps the most brilliant line was when Behar said, “Rudy Giuliani hasn’t necessarily had an abortion himself.” We particularly liked the qualifier, “necessarily.” And, of course, all of the panelists chimed in about the sex abuse scandal, thus dragging gays through the mud.

Write to co-producer Bill Geddie, ABC, 320 W. 66th St., New York, NY 10023 ( Have him buy these ex-Catholics a copy of the Catechism.

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