On April 8, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) unveiled its new website. Gone from the site is the links page which directed users to various allied organizations. Among them was an anti-Catholic group, Catholics for a Free Choice.

For the past two years, the Catholic League has been pressing the DNC to drop its link to Catholics for a Free Choice. During this time, we inundated the DNC with protest letters and placed ads in many newspapers across the nation, including the New York Times, demanding an end to this invidious association. There was also a confrontation between William Donohue and one of the DNC’s lawyers over this matter. Now the DNC has decided to sidestep the issue by simply dumping all links from its current website.

Here’s what we told the media:

“The DNC deserves no credit for this action. It brazenly offended Catholics for years by embracing a Catholic-bashing organization. But now that its leader, Senator John Kerry, is in trouble with Catholics for a whole host of reasons, prudence dictates that the DNC distance itself from anti-Catholic bigotry.”

We also noted an AP story that mentioned how the DNC’s revised webpage “provides links to help Democrats meet other Democrats, through Meetup.com….” In re-sponse to the question, “What do people do at a Meetup?”, the following answer was given: “Chat, chew the fat, shoot the breeze, sling the bull, babble, cackle, chatter, gab, yak, yammer. No big whoop.”

We concluded that they can yak all they want—all we ask is that they keep their Catholic-bashing babble to a minimum.

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