Jenny Backus, a Democratic consultant who has helped organize the Democratic National Committee (DNC) debates, was recently cited in news reports about the alleged diversity of the Democratic candidates for president. Here’s what she said: “We’ve got everybody from a preacher to a general, from the leader of the House to leaders in the Senate, north to south, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist.”

Jenny Backus is right—there are Catholics running for president on the Democratic ticket. In fact, at least three of the nine candidates are Catholic: Carol Moseley Braun, John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich are all Roman Catholics. (It is not clear what Wesley Clark is: his father was Jewish, he was raised a Baptist, then converted to Catholicism, and now attends a Presbyterian church.) Unfortunately, they all carry the same baggage, and that is why it is not smart for the DNC to try to play its Catholic card.

None of these Catholics has yet to speak out against the outrageous association between the DNC and Catholics for a Free Choice, the nation’s most notoriously anti-Catholic organization. To this day, despite repeated requests, the DNC maintains a link on its website to this despicable group. Though all the candidates have been contacted about this issue, none has yet shown the courage to address it.

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