baboons-animal-web620Bill Donohue comments on dissident Catholics:

Dissident Catholics are now attacking the composition of the Catholic Church for being Catholic. The problem they have identified—and here I am talking about the editorial board of the National Catholic Reporter—is the Synod of Bishops. What’s wrong with it? It is nothing but a “tiny representation of humanity, celibate and exclusively male.” And why is this demographic so revolting? Because in the eyes of this body, “humans are reduced to the level of baboons.” Got it.

In October, the Synod of Bishops will discuss family issues. For most people, that means the discussion will revolve around fathers, mothers, and children. But for the Reporter, this is another problem. Like many media outlets and pundits these days, this newspaper has gone gay crazy. To be exact, it is furious over the Church’s teachings tying sexual activity to procreation. “Love and procreation are reduced to biological necessity,” they complain. Notice they didn’t quote anyone.

The dissidents wax poetic saying the bishops simply do not understand a “community of love.” And what is that? “It is about far more than producing offspring.” So what is it about? “Responsible parenthood involves so much more than making certain that each instance of sexual expression could result in another child.” They’re getting warmer.

So where is this leading? “And dare we mention the reality that keeps pressing on us with a logic that seems to be accepted more and more by segments of the community (would that be the “community of love”?)—homosexuals in a committed, loving relationship?” You got it—all dissident roads lead to homosexuality.

What accounts for them acting out? They are alternating between rage and depression. They thought Pope Francis would usher in their dream—the Protestantization of the Catholic Church—but instead they have come to the conclusion that they will not get their way this fall. But only a baboon would have thought they were going to win in the first place.

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