incinerator-system-827532Bill Donohue has a question for Rep. Nancy Pelosi:

The Drudge Report is featuring a story about British hospitals that are throwing aborted babies into an incinerator; the “chemical waste” is being used to heat the hospitals.  Dr. Dan Poulter, the health minister at the Department of Health, said, “This practice is totally unacceptable.” He did not say why.

On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi will proudly receive The Margaret Sanger Award, Planned Parenthood’s top honor. Because “choice” is her most treasured value, it would be instructive to know her thoughts on how best to dispose of aborted babies: Should they be buried or incinerated?

If Pelosi chooses the first option—some states provide this choice—would she think it logical to first issue a birth certificate (a death certificate is only given in cases where a human being was born)? If she prefers the second option, would she have any ethical problem using aborted babies to heat her Washington office? Just curious.

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