On today’s edition of the ABC show, “The View,” the discussion turned to the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday affirming the partial-birth abortion ban. In an angry tone, Rosie O’Donnell asked, “You know what concerns me? How many of the Supreme Court judges are Catholic, Barbara?” Walters responded, “Five.” O’Donnell: “Five. Five are Catholic. Separation of church and state, America.” Walters then said that when the Catholic justices were vetted, they said they would not vote in a particular way because of their religion. But she then said, “It is interesting they’re Catholic.” After others spoke, Walters said she thought the justices were able to separate their faith from everyday life. To which O’Donnell replied, “From your everyday life but not hopefully from the foundation of our government. Separation of church and state.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed this issue today:

“This is O’Donnell’s eighth attack on Catholics since September. She has said there is no difference between radical Christians and radical Muslims (9-12-06); she has ridiculed the Eucharist (9-28-06); she has falsely claimed that the pope was in charge of policing miscreant priests since the 1980s and did nothing about them (10-2-06); she repeated the lie about the pope again (10-27-06); she has mocked priestly celibacy (2-7-07); she ridiculed the Eucharist again (2-27-07); she mocked Catholic teaching on the Bible and the Virgin Birth (3-26-07); and now she is complaining about too many Catholics on the high court.

“On December 8, 2006, O’Donnell apologized for offending the Chinese after Chinese-American groups protested the way she ridiculed them the week before. On January 18, 2007, ABC said of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Isaiah Washington’s anti-gay slur, ‘We take this situation very seriously, and his actions are unacceptable and are being addressed.’

“Accordingly, we are asking Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney Media Networks and President, Disney-ABC Television Group, to demand that O’Donnell apologize to Catholics and that O’Donnell be treated with as much seriousness as was shown Washington.”

Contact her at anne.sweeney@disney.com

NB:  It appears that the address above has been disabled due to a high volume of e-mails.  Please phone your complaints into 818-569-7700. 

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