The Catholic League movie “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom” is set to open on several media platforms. Please check our website for information on where it can be accessed (when we went to print this matter was being fine-tuned).

We will report in the March issue the kind of reception the documentary garnered, but the early indications suggest it will be a hit. We put a lot of effort and money into this project, knowing the time was right to take on Disney.

Disney, of course, is just a microcosm of what is wrong with our culture. But it symbolizes how aggressive the ruling class has become in shoving its secular agenda down our throats. That’s why we made the movie.

Here’s some good news that is not widely known. An investor, Kenneth Simeone, has filed a 22-page lawsuit against Disney demanding the company turn over its internal records about its opposition to the Florida law that seeks to stop sexualizing children in the public schools. This could prove to be very revealing.

Had the previous Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, agreed to meet with Tony Perkins, the evangelical leader, and Bill Donohue, perhaps the company would have been able to skirt the problems it is now experiencing. But that’s now too late.

The first public showing of the movie trailer was at the Legatus event in New York City (see p. 2). It was very well received. We expect that the movie will also hit a chord.

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