The Catholic League documentary on Disney was scheduled to be released by now but it has been delayed until early next year because of some timing issues associated with its distribution. It will be available on various streaming services. The trailer will be posted on our website in mid-December.

Salem Media is slated to pick it up, and we are hopeful that many other prominent platforms will also roll it out.

We have an all-star cast.

Jason Meath is the Executive Producer and CEO of Meath Television Media LLC. He did the planning, the interviews and the editing. Without his active engagement, the film would not have been made.

Tony Perkins is president of the Family Research Council and one of the nation’s leading evangelical leaders. Bill Donohue has been working with him for decades.

Mercedes Schlapp is a Cuban-American and a distinguished commentator on contemporary political issues. She and her husband, Matt, are well known in the conservative community. She is the host of the film.

Dr. Ben Carson served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Trump. He is an outspoken African American whose pro-life record is second to none.

Miranda Devine hails from Australia and is a committed Catholic and author. She writes a column for the New York Post and frequently appears on TV.

Brent Bozell is president of the Media Research Center and an advocate for all the right causes. He serves on our board of advisors; we have worked cooperatively together for many years.

Vivek Ramaswamy is an Indian-American entrepreneur. A Hindu (he attended a Catholic high school), he is best known for trying to steer big corporations in the right direction.

David Horowitz is a Jewish activist who spent his early years promoting radical causes. But he had “second thoughts” about his political leanings and has been an important conservative voice for decades.

Christian Toto is a film critic at the Washington Times and author of a book on how Hollywood became a partisan of left-wing politics.

It is obviously too early for us to know the impact of this movie. We anticipate it will be well received by a big audience. Many in the cast are in a position of influence themselves to bring it to their followers.

Our culture is in crisis, and what is driving much of it is a callous disregard for the innocence of children. Too many activists, celebrities and educators are bent on indoctrinating young boys and girls with some very sick ideas. Regrettably, Disney is one of the most guilty players.

Check out our website for the most current information on the film’s release.

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