When the Catholic League learned that employees at Digital Equipment Corporation in Massachusetts were posting anti-Catholic statements in their computer system, a formal protest was sent to the president and CEO of Digital. The offensive statements included the following remark, made accessible to employees through the “Wommanotes” file:

“Neil, I blame the religious bigots for the problems. Let us face up to the facts that many seriously bigoted people are in positions of authority in many religions. Islam has its frothing at the mouth, murderous Ayatollahs, a Scottish church that excommunicated its most prominent member for attending the funeral of a colleague and last but not least a rabidly homophobic Pope. These are the people who control the religions and mislead the people. So if it is all one with you I will have no truck with any religion in this life and hopefully in the next one.”

As a result of the Catholic League’s complaint, this message, and others, were removed from the system. But the league has learned that there are other bigoted notes that are still posted, and will therefore continue to press its case.

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